Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

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The Mission and Outreach Team is working with parishioners Keith Modzelewski and Liliya Borodchak to support the Meest-America Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine drive.   Meest-America is collecting humanitarian aid donations to be shipped to Ukraine. All packages will be delivered into Ukraine through the Charitable Foundation “Meest” in Lviv, home to Liliya’s parents, and dispersed to select Ukrainian charity relief organizations.  A collection bucket is set up in the parish hall and Keith and Liliya will be ensuring that our St. Peter’s donations are forwarded to the dispersing destination in a timely manner. 

We ask that our St. Peter’s Family join the Mission and Outreach Team in gathering whatever supplies are available to you.  We especially ask those in the medical and military/law enforcement professions, who may have access to some of the more specialized items on the attached, to provide whatever you are able. Cash donations may be made through the one of the charitable organizations whose websites are included. Your St. Peter’s Mission and Outreach Team has already sent $1,000 to the Ukrainian Red Cross.  

Thank you for joining us in the ongoing humanitarian effort to ease the suffering in Ukraine,  

John Michael Sophos, Chair, Mission and Outreach