compassion camp

what every living thing needs

Compassion Camp is a program where participants explore what it means to have compassion for themselves,

others, and the world.

As we look around the world, our deep need for compassion becomes increasingly evident with each passing

day, perhaps now more than ever. Compassion Camp aims to cultivate compassion for each other, ourselves,

and the world. We will examine different places in our lives where we can cultivate compassion. Using each

Compassion Camp component, we’ll explore themes of compassion as they relate to each session’s scripture.

Through Compassion Camp: What Every Living Thing Needs, participants will explore what all living things

need to live—shelter, food, water, air, and community—and how they can have compassion for the living earth,

especially in their local ecosystems. Through awareness, gratitude, wonderment, reciprocity, and kinship,

participants will consider how to become co-sustainers and participants in the work of God’s creation. Using

Psalm 104 as their grounding text, along with additional supporting scripture, participants will closely examine

the interconnectedness of the whole earth—humans alongside the more-than-human world.

Register a Child

Children ages 4-12 welcome to participate. Registration form coming soon.


There are a number of ways to volunteer for VBS.
Set up/breakdown

Group Leader

Story Teller

Kitchen Help

Jr. Volunteer


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Light snacks will be served at the beginning of each session.

You Should Know

Wednesday July 31 we will be talking about water. Be prepared to get wet.