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Several years ago, The Vestry of St. Peter's has made Youth and Children's Christian Formation a priority. The director of family ministries and communication, Jessica Potter, serves the parish in developing, directing, and coordinating comprehensive education and spiritual programming. We are building a community for all ages from toddlers, to youth, to adults, as well as creating a community where the youth are an integral part of all church services. Our goal is to knit together several aspects of our congregation to create a truly crowded table and instill a sense of community throughout St. Peter’s Square. 

St. Peter's offers many opportunities to involve children and youth such as Acolytes, Lay Readers, Ushers, and volunteering as Godly Play Greeters. If you have a child that wishes to participate in any of these activities, please email or call Jessica Potter for additional information.


We are always looking for teachers, greeters, and helpers for Sunday School and Saint Peter's Youth Middle and High school groups. For more information on Christian Formation or getting involved contact  Jessica Potter. 

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Sunday School Lesson Schedules


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Childrens Ministries

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Sunday School is offered on Sunday mornings from 9:15 to 10:00 at which time the children join their parents for the 10:00 a.m. Service in the Church. Our Sunday School consists of the Little Shepherds (ages 3-6), the Disciples (grades 2-4), SPY Middle (grades 5-8), and Spy High (grades 9-1

                                                   Godly Play

Godly Play is a program that uses a hands-on approach to Christian formation. Children are invited to listen to stories, pray together, and wonder about God. Godly Play encourages children to ask questions and respond to the lesson in open and creative ways. Our goal in Godly Play is to show how to be open to the Holy Spirit, the Creator, and the Redeemer all at once, all the time in every place.

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                                    Building Faith Brick by Brick

Building Faith Brick by Brick is a new curriculum that we have introduced to our Disciples class. Dig into your bin of LEGO® bricks and start Building Faith Brick by Brick! Children in 2nd grade through 4th Grade engage the Bible and use their imaginations by recreating the stories with LEGO®.

ST. PETER'S  YOUTH Ministries

(A.K.A "s.p.y")

St. Peter's offers Sunday School and a Youth Group:  SPY Middle, SPY High, and Saint Peter's Youth Group.

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S.P.Y . Sunday School  Schedule



  • SPY  Middle

    GRADES 5  to 8                                                                                       

    We meet each Sunday until 9:15am. We use the Spark House Re:form program, which is designed for this age group and builds on the Godly Play curriculum through discussions and scripture. We spend a lot of our time learning more about how we use The Book of Common Prayer and The Bible, the meaning of the sacraments, and why we do what we do in church.

    Spark House Re:form Curriculum

    Spark House Re:form Ancestors Curriculum


    GRADES 9-12

    Each Sunday we take a dive into new topics, current events, and how to live out our faith in the world as individuals and groups. Our goal is to instill the idea of community and what that looks like outside of St. Peter’s Square. Our curriculum includes scripture and The Book of Common Prayer.

    Spark House Re:form Curriculum

    Spark House Re:form Ancestors Curriculum

  • saint peter's youth group

    Saint Peter’s Youth Group works to build lasting and fulfilling relationships in and around the Diocese of Delaware, and to show the world, through our actions, the love of Christ. 


    Calling ALL Youth Grades 5 and Up!  We want to hear from you! Email

Saturday May 28th, 2022

Saint Peter’s Youth Group works to build lasting and fulfilling relationships in and around the Diocese of Delaware, and to show the world, through our actions, the love of Christ. This includes helping those who can no longer do certain household tasks such as yard work.

Saturday May 28th, 2022, St. Peter’s Youth & Troop 1 will be raking and hauling leaves. We will meet at St. Peter’s Parish Hall at 9:30 and head over to the house from there. We recommend you bring gardening gloves and a rake of you have one. Some of each will be provided. After we have finished with the yard, we would love for all those involved to join us at Grottos for pizza. We are looking forward to working together and helping in the community. If you have any questions, contact JESSICA POTTER