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Saint Peter's offers a wide variety of opportunities for deepening your faith and spiritual exploration

To be a Christian is to walk a grace filled journey of living out and into our baptism. Baptism initiates us into a lifelong venture of knowing, loving and living Jesus Christ. The faith community at St. Peter’s walks together toward all that Christ calls us to be. We pray, socialize and serve with one another.  Each of these activities is an essential component of our life in Christ along with the ongoing formation of mind and heart. For that purpose, we offer a variety of opportunities at St. Peter’s. Jeff, Mark, Carlyle, Ray, Ted and other members of the congregation have offered programs on a wide variety of topics including Christian Spirituality, prayer practices, individual books of the Bible, etc. Please consider joining any or all of the offerings.  There are other ongoing and special events to nourish our minds, hearts and souls.  Please check the bulletin for these opportunities.

To find out more, feel free to call the office or speak to any one of the clergy.

If there are any topics or programs which you would like to suggest for future events, please send Fr. Ted an Email .


    Deepening Your Spiritual Journey: Centering Prayer
    Centering Prayer continues to meet on Wednesdays at 3 pm. Beginning on Wednesday, October 18, the group will meet in the Zoom format only. Contact the office for Zoom login information. This group is interested in deepening spiritual understanding and engagement at St. Peter’s. Through Centering Prayer, group members cultivate ways to be closer to God amid our busy lives. We start by reverently reading a psalm from “Psalms for Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness” by Nan C. Merrill. using a time-honored spiritual practice called Lectio Divina. We then allow ourselves to be open to God’s presence by simply sitting quietly together – no special training or experience is needed. Following this, we discuss a book we are all reading, currently “The Wisdom Jesus: Transforming Heart and Mind – A New Perspective” by Cynthia Bourgeault. Both books are available at Amazon. We welcome new members and are always happy to review the Lectio Divina steps for newcomers.

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  • STaR

    Explore your own spirituality and relationship to Christ and the Universe

    Study to Engage, Challenge and Enrich Your Spirit by:

    • Meeting weekly on Tuesdays from 5pm-7pm beginning Sept. 5th.
    •  Being open and willing to listen to all ideas.
  • A Spiritual and Personal Growth Discussion Group for Men.  

    We will meet on Monday, May 8, from 7-8:30 p.m., for open and lively conversation about growth issues in our lives.  All men are welcome to join us for this time of enriching discussion of spiritual matters without judgment or criticism. 

    This will be a “hybrid” meeting -- those who wish to meet in person can gather in the Conference Room in the church basement, with masks recommended but not required;We will also broadcast via Zoom. Contact the office or subscribe to the eblast for the meeting Id and Passcode.  

    Our normal meeting schedule is the second and fourth Monday of each month.
    As a starting point for discussion, we’ll be discussing Chapters Six and Seven of Thomas Moore’s book, ”Writing in the Sand – Jesus and the Soul of the Gospels.”  Reading the selection in advance is not necessary for participation.

  • Tuesday Mornings 

    This class meets weekly on Tuesday mornings at 10 am in the Conference Room. 

    Tuesday Mornings we are working through "The Courage to Be" by Paul Tillich.
    We are finishing up this study and will be moving on to a study of "Devotional Classics", edited by Richard J. Foster and James Bryan Smith. We have a few copies of this book available for purchase in the office, or you can order a copy from Amazon. This class will start on November 7th.

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  • The Thursday morning 9:30 am group is doing a side-by-side comparison of the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) using the book Gospel Parallels: A Comparison of the Synoptic Gospels by Burton H. Throckmorton, Jr. (Copies can be purchased from Amazon.) This study follows the hybrid model: in-person for those who are comfortable gathering together, or via Zoom for those who either need or want to join from home. This group has lively and informative discussions about the text they are studying together. There is always room for more participants if you are interested.

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    St Peter’s Readers are continuing to meet using a hybrid meeting format. We meet in person in the church conference room and on Zoom. You will find the Zoom meeting ID and the Zoom password at the end of this announcement. Our meetings are on the third Sunday of the month at 5 p.m., during daylight savings time and at 4 p.m. during standard time

    Upcoming Sessions: 
    November 19 at 4 pm- The Body by Bill Bryson (non fiction)
    December 17 at 4 pm- Christmas meeting. Children's book donation meeting. Readers bring books to donate to Read Aloud, Primeros Pasos, and St Peter’s Mende George Library.
    January 21, 2024 at 4 pm - The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store by James McBride

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  • 2023 Summer Spirituality Series
    This very popular series returns this summer with a great slate of presentations lined up. Come join us on Thursday evenings in the Parish Hall as we explore topics ranging from the art work of Fr. Mark Harris to the women of the Revolutionary War era. Each session starts at 7pm and ends with ice cream from King's  Ice Cream. Come join us!

    June 1    The Rev. Canon Mark Harris, Despair, Resistance, Hope and Everything Else
    A short exploration of spiritual force, art making and the agenda of the prophet Micah.
    Mark Harris, priest associate at St. Peter's, is an artist / printmaker, working primarily in making prints from woodblocks and linocuts. For the past year and a half, he has been exploring the relation between despair, resistance, hope and "everything else." The "everything else" is the destination to which all our despair, resistance and hope points. This destination is a space in which spiritual force is made real, where the promise of abundant life is real. How words and images can help point us towards this destination is the challenge. Art in this context is a "reading" of the map that the object provides. Art is not the object; it is the narrative of each person's engagement with the art object as a pointer. Thus, we are all artists in our viewing, in our making, in our making it a tool for our own spiritual journey.

    June 8  “Backs Against The Wall: The Howard Thurman Story”
    This video, a production of Journey Films, explores the extraordinary life and legacy of one of the most important religious figures of the 20th century. Born the grandson of slaves, Thurman became a “spiritual foundation” for the Civil Rights Movement, inspiring many of its leaders including Martin Luther King, Jr, Jesse Jackson and Congressman John Lewis. In the mid-1930s, Thurman was the first Black American invited to meet Mohandas Gandhi who shared his strategy of non-violent resistance. Gandhi suggested it would be through the African American experience that the non-violence resistance movement could take on global significance. When Thurman returned to America, his writings and speeches planted the early seeds for the non-violent Civil Rights Movement. Thurman is also remembered for helping launch The Fellowship Church for All People in San Francisco, a pioneering venture to create the nation’s first interracial, intercultural church community. Thurman was a gifted and prolific writer who authored more than 20 books and celebrated as one of the great preachers of his era. 

    June 15    The Rev. Jerry Ray Anderson, Memoirs of An AIDS Chaplain
    Fr Jerry Ray, a retired Episcopal priest, will share reflections from his book, “Ordained by Angels: Memoir of an AIDS Chaplain” and his experiences as a priest, chaplain, and caregiver during the time of the AIDS crisis long before “coming out” in the Church was acceptable. As NPR radio host Diane Rehm has written -- "The start of the AIDS crisis created deadly problems the public chose to ignore for several years.   But one man . . . recognized early on the dangerous world in which gay men were living. . . By his efforts and with his enduring spirit, he stood by those who were sick and those who died. In his new book, he takes us on a journey through his own life experiences, growling up in a conservative religious environment, coming out as gay man, his struggles with alcoholism, the loss of friends and lovers, and ultimately to a place of healing and a new beginning,   A courageous and painfully honest account of one man's life as a priest during a perilous time in our history."  
    Copies of the book will be available for $25.00, payable by cash or check. It is also available through Amazon. Fr. Jerry is being hosted by his long-time friend and our fellow parishioner, John Michael Sophos.

    June 22    The Rev. Jeffrey A. Ross, Lessons Learned About Conflict Management, 
    Fr. Jeff, the Rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Lewes, will share what he learned from a weeklong training in March as a facilitator for conflict resolution. The training was offered by Colin Craig at the Corrymeela Community in Ireland. Craig played a key role in bringing about the Good Friday Accords in Northern Ireland. Given the current climate that affects society, politics, and even the churches, peaceful conflict resolution is a much-needed skill for our times.

    June 29       “Recognizing & Confronting Bigotry” Please note that this session will be held in the Church

    A presentation by Andrew Goretsky, Regional Director of The Anti-Defamation League Philadelphia.  With the increase in hateful rhetoric and violence towards Jewish Communities, People of Color, and the LGBTQIA+ Community it is more important than ever that we come together to stop hate and secure justice and fair treatment for all. The ADL's ultimate goal is a world in which no group or individual suffers from bias, discrimination, or hate. 

    For more information about The Anti-Defamation League visit

    July 6        Charito Calvachi-Mateyko, JD, Restorative Justice
    Charito Calvachi-Mateyko has spent her professional career studying, mastering and implementing established methods to promote peace and justice within society. She is a restorative justice practitioner and a passionate promoter of racial justice and the Latino culture. She has had rich and diverse experiences such as being a radio show host, an author, a storyteller and a teacher. Using her passion for her work and her ability to forge strong inter-personal connections, Charito has helped heal the wounds of crime, build communities and broaden cultural awareness.
    Charito is the founding member of the Latino Initiative on Restorative Justice (LIRJ), a tax-exempt organization whose mission is the dissemination of restorative justice. Charito is also the Principal of Rosario Calvachi-Mateyko & Associates, LLC, in Delaware that provides restorative justice services domestically and abroad. She is a native of Ecuador and has dual citizenship in both the U.S. and Ecuador.
    This program has been made possible by Delaware Humanities, a state program of the National Endowment for the Humanities.  

    July 13        Mary G. Jackson, MEd, MS, LCPC, Recognizing the Divine in Our Lives I
    Mary is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. A lifelong seeker, Mary invites us to ponder our own spiritual journey and to recognize the Diine in everyday life. She is the author of Presence: Recognizing the Divine in Your Everyday Life.  This session will focus on her book and its insights.  The book will be available for purchase @$19.95 by cash or check. It is also available for purchase on Amazon.

    July 20        Mary G. Jackson, MEd, MS, LCPC, Recognizing the Divine in Our Lives II
    Following the previous session, Mary will assist us in looking for the presence of the Divine in our own lives.  You do not need to be present for the July 13 session to attend this presentation.  Mary’s book, Presence: Recognizing the Divine in Your Everyday Life, will be available for purchase @$19.95 by cash or check. It is also available for purchase on Amazon.

    July 27        Dr. Josh James, PhD, The Theology of (Certain) Psalms
    For many people of faith, the book of Psalms has been a constant companion—it is a prayer book that provides time-honored words for many different occasions, a song book that provides lyrics for communal hymns and laments, or simply a nostalgic resource reminding readers of significant moments in their spiritual journey. But for all of the book's "familiarity," Psalms is still very much an ancient and highly diverse collection of theologically-dense poetry that can be difficult to read. To understand the book well requires attention to unfamiliar forms and ideas that, because we have read them or sung them for years, we often overlook. As an attempted corrective, in this summer session, we will discuss some of Psalms' most interesting theological concepts, hoping to set them back in their decidedly ancient contexts. Psalms for Normal People.  Dr. James’ book is available for purchase on Amazon.
    Josh James (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) is an ordained Baptist minister, born and raised in southern Delaware. He is currently serving a progressive, Cooperative Baptist church in Salisbury, MD, called The Restoration Project. In addition to church work, he is an adjunct instructor of Old Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary, and he is the author of the recently released, Psalms for Normal People. He lives in Salisbury with his wife, Kate, and two sons, Abram (9) and Jude (7)

    August 3    “Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America”
    In this 2-hour video, civil rights lawyer Jeffrey Robinson, using personal anecdotes, interviews and archival film, draws a sobering timeline of anti-Black racism in our country.

    August 10    Mary G. Jackson, MEd, MS, LCPC, Discernment
    How can we know what God wants for us? How is God a part of our discernment and in making he more important decisions that shape our lives and destinies? Mary will focus on the process of discerning God’s will for us using a practice designed by the Quaker community.  One does not need to have attended her previous lectures to attend. 

    August 17    An Evening of Q & A with Dr. Amy—Jill Levine, PhD

    In Person event. 
    Dr. Levine (AJ) is the Rabbi Stanley M. Kessler Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies at Hartford International University for Religion and Peace. 
    She will be with us live via Zoom and will respond to questions developed by members of the community after her book The Sermon on the Mount. The evangelist Matthew’s account of the sermon contains some of Jesus’ most profound and most memorable teachings. This should be of special interest to congregations which are reading from the Gospel of Matthew in our worship this year. If time permits, Dr. Levine will entertain other questions the audience may have about her writings.

    August 24    Marcos Salaverria, Director of Education at the Lewes Historical Society
    The Lewes Historical Society is a local treasure. Lewes is an old town rich in history. Marcos will focus his presentation on the lives and labors of enslaved persons who played an integral, though unheralded part of the growth and development of this community on the bay.

    August 31    Eric Mease,” Remember the Ladies”
    The musical, Hamilton: An American Musical, introduced us to Elizabeth Schuyler-Hamilton who, until recently, was known mainly to historians. Now, our kids and grandchildren sing her praises! Elizabeth Schuyler-Hamilton is only one of many women in the pantheon of American’s founders. This lecture helps us abide by Abigail Adam’s wish that we “remember the ladies,” including both Elizabeth Hamilton and Abigail Adams, as well as Martha Washington and Dolley Madison.
    Eric Mease is an American History buff with a specific interest in the Early American period. He is a retired paralegal from the DuPont Company’s Intellectual Property group, a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, and a Master’s degree in Arts and Liberal Studies from the University of Delaware. Eric is a member of the board of trustees of the Historical Society of Cecil County and a past member of the board of directors of the Historic Elk Landing Foundation, both based in Elkton, Maryland. He has taught continuing education classes around a wide range of topics including the American Civil War, America’s Founding Fathers and Mothers, the Declaration of Independence, Alexander Hamilton, a comparison between the founding of Plymouth, Massachusetts and Jamestown, Virginia, American Slavery, and the Race to the Moon at Cecil College, Harford Community College, and Delaware Technical and Community College. He is married with two grown children and 4 grandchildren. Besides history, Eric’s hobbies include camping, biking, and long-distance running. He has 3 marathon and 70 half marathon metals adorning a basement wall!
    This program has been made possible by Delaware Humanities, a state program of the National Endowment for the Humanities.  

  • Women’s Spirituality Group

    The WSG meets on the 1st & 3rd Fridays at 10:30 am in the Community (Parish) Hall. Books are chosen by the women and facilitated by the Rev. Dr. Carol Flett. In September, we began discussing our next book, The Meaning of Mary Magdalene - Discovering the Woman at the Heart of Christianity, by Cynthia Bourgeault, available on  For October 6 & 20, we will be discussing chapters 4, 5, & 6. We love this book! Amazing discussions. Women are always welcome to attend, even if you  have not read the book.  Subscribe to our weekly email for updates on what we are reading and discussing. For questions, contact


What would you like to know or learn more about in your growth as a Christian and as an Episcopalian?  
I am looking for ideas that would stir enough interest to develop learning opportunities in the months ahead.  

- The Rev. Ted Olson, Associate for Adult Formation