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St. Peter's offers the sacrament of Marriage to all persons. Entering a marriage is a major rite of celebration in the Christian community. St. Peter’s Episcopal Church is available to the community to conduct wedding services in accordance with the liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer and the traditions of the Episcopal Church. St. Peter's will provide service to anyone if at least one partner is a baptized Christian. In the course of this celebration, a couple declares before God and the congregation that they are knowingly and without reservation entering a relationship that has consequences for them and for society as a whole. When two people present themselves for marriage, they are declaring that they are a part of the Christian community and are, or desire to begin to be participants in the life and witness of the faith community. In order to uphold the integrity of both the Sacrament of Marriage and to provide a setting in which the couple and their families and friends can celebrate its joy, the following policies and procedures are adhered to in this parish.  More