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Funerals and Memorial Services

The death of a child of God is a tender event. Members of the church are urged to call Fr. Jeff as soon as possible when death is anticipated or has come, in order that he may bring the comfort of our faith and the presence of the church family. In addition, parishioners are encouraged to sit down with the Rector ahead of time to make advance arrangements. It is appropriate for the funeral of a Christian to take place in the Church. A viewing can also be held in the parish hall or the church prior to the service. The service should be held at a time when the congregation has an opportunity to be present. Members and their families may also avail themselves of the Pilottown Cemetery. 

St. Peter's Pilottown Cemetery Policy & Operating Procedures- DOWNLOAD PDF

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church is available to the community to conduct weddings, funerals and memorial services in accordance with the liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer and the traditions of the Episcopal Church.  


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  • organist

    Service                                                                           $ 250.00

    Additional rehearsals for other musicians:          $ 100.00

    Soloist                                                                            $ 100.00

  • sexton services

    Extra cleaning &/or moving furniture, etc.:          $ 150.00

  • webcasting

    Technician                                                                     $ 200.00

    Broadcasts the service over YouTube & Facebook Live                        

  • clergy

     Clergy Fee:                                                                $ 300.00