Feed the Children Heart and Soul Ministry, a sustainable feeding program for children, 

has affected more than a thousand people in need since 2012. 

Hunger and poverty in our communities must be addressed each and every day.

They have partnered with St. Peter's Episcopal Church and St. Jude The Apostle Catholic Church

in Lewes and Ecclesia Worship Center in Dover, as well as many community organizations. 

The Reverend Deacon Christine Miller‐Marcin, formed Heart and Soul Ministry in 2012.

The ministry’s first  volunteers came from St. Peter’s.

Since then the team of volunteers continues to grow and work on many outreach projects with the goal to feed the hungry.

With so much outreach help still needed, volunteers are welcome to this worthwhile ministry!

For more information about this ministry call  or email the office.  

Visit Feed the Children Heart and Soul ministry's website.

Download the Brochure

"If you can't feed one hundred people, then feed just one." - Mother Teresa

The little cupboard

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  • An open letter to The Little Cupboard Volunteers


    The world looks bleak these days, as the ravages of war descend upon our brothers, sisters, and the children of Ukraine. We watch in horror as every dropped bomb reverberates through our hearts, our minds, our very souls. We wrestle with feelings of grief, outrage, guilt, and helplessness. 
    We’ve made it through a pandemic, mindful that many have not, only to be confronted by a war of aggression that impacts our lives with increased costs and delays of necessities. And yet, it is important to be conscious of the fact that so many in Ukraine are without food, water, heat, homes, their very family members. The tangle of emotions and thoughts, like the violent winds of a storm, blast through our thoughts and feelings. There is also a lingering helplessness as we watch from afar ~ thinking, “There but for the Grace of God…”
    Yet still, amidst the chaos, life carries on. No one promised us an easy path, or carefree life, and if we look at the life of Jesus from the moment of His birth, He too was enmeshed in violent and dangerous times. And so, the question to us remains, “What can we do, what do we do?” 
    An international organization, Action Against Hunger, claims that the world produces more than enough food to feed the global population, yet as many as 811 million people still go hungry. According to the Feeding America Organization, currently, 38 million people in the U.S. face hunger, and for many putting food on the table is a daily struggle.
    The Little Cupboard’s mission is to provide a designated safe and dependable place where foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are made available. Milk, water, juice along with personal hygiene products, as well as warm socks, gloves, hats, and various other items may be easily, anonymously, and locally obtained. It is designed to support members of our larger community family with provisions that aid and support individuals and families who might most need this assistance. The Little Cupboard Ministry is, and continues to be, an embodiment of fellowship, unity, generosity, respect, and is truly an example of Love in action. 
    Thank you for all you offer, for all you do for our fellow human beings. What you do matters, especially when you do what you do ~ with love. 

    With Peace and Blessings and Gratitude ~
    Darlene Rooney, Director

This April help Support The Little Cupboard

We are so excited to share that Feed the Children Heart and Soul has been selected to be a part of the ACME GIVE BACK WHERE IT COUNTS Reusable Bag Program, which is designed to make it easy for customers to contribute to their local community while supporting the environment.
The ACME GIVE BACK WHERE IT COUNTS Reusable Bag Program, which launched in August 2019, is a reusable bag program that facilitates community support with the goal to make a difference in the communities where shoppers live and work.
For the month of April, each time a $3.00 reusable GIVE BACK WHERE IT COUNTS Bag is purchased at the ACME located on Route 1, across from the Movies at Midway, $1 will be donated to Feed the Children Heart and Soul, unless otherwise directed by the customer through the Giving Tag.
For more information on the ACME GIVE BACK WHERE IT COUNTS Reusable Bag Program, visit acme.bags4mycause.com
As always, thank you for your continued support of Feed the Children Heart and Soul and the Little Cupboard.