Altar Guild

Secondary Title

The Altar Guild, in the words of one member, is the “secret service” of the church because much of its work is conducted behind the scenes. The charge of the Altar Guild is to prepare and care for the sacred vessels and vestments used in our worship, and several members have served in this capacity at Saint Peter’s for many years. The acts of preparing the implements of worship and attending to details can be wonderfully spiritual experiences, and members have likened it to planning for a very special party – a feast — because the linens, table service, and lighting are selected with care and presented with reverence. Altar Guild members serve on a rotating basis, and new members are always welcome. We’re a low -key, flexible, and jovial group, and we work well together as a team to cover regular services, weddings, funerals, and other special services. Anyone who is interested in serving in this satisfying and rewarding ministry should email Shelly Souder . Please join this fun group if you feel so led!