altar flowers

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Flowers for the Altar are provided weekly by our Parishioners, through a local florist. Forms for the current year are provided in the weekly emailed announcements and on our website starting in December. You may also call the Church Office, or email if you are interested in open dates available for flower dedications. However, it is recommended, and encouraged, that you get your dedication in as soon as possible, as dates can fill rather quickly. No more than two families or individuals, can sponsor the altar flowers for any given Sunday with the exception of Easter and Christmas, when we invite unlimited dedications. The names of the givers, as well as the names of those who are honored, remembered, or celebrated are printed in the weekly service bulletins. We do not have flowers on the altar during Lent, so no dedications are available during that season, and we have greenery only on the altar during Advent. We would like to thank Jim and the staff of Windsor’s Florist for the beautiful arrangements delivered every week.