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Acolytes are most often thought of as “those who light and extinguish the candles before and after a church service.” As a broad definition, that works. However, Acolytes are far more than those who deal with candles; they are also important assistants who often help the priest and deacon during liturgies. Here at St. Peter’s we are working to expand the Acolyte program, inviting people of all ages to become part of a group of individuals and families who serve the church in many ways as liturgical assistants. We have begun offering learning sessions on the third Sunday of each month following the 10:00 a.m. service. These gatherings will be limited to one or two specific duties, and will not be long. Other trainings will be offered at times convenient for those who can not do Sundays, yet desire to learn various duties. Feel free to speak to call the office for more information or to offer your service!