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The organ project began in 1998 when organ builder William Monaghan was engaged to rebuild the small pipe organ built in 1971 for St. Peter’s by The United States Pipe Organ Company of Pennsylvania. About 32 digital voices were added to create an organ of 44 speaking stops on two manuals and pedal and the old console was retained and reconfigured. In 2002-2003, new pipe work was purchased to replace some of the old. At that time, Mr. Monaghan readjusted many of the Walker digital voices and replaced others to make the organ more effective for accompanying the choir and the congregation. 

In January 2005, 26 additional stops and a new moveable three manual draw knob console in walnut to match the wood of the chancel furniture were installed and tonally finished by Bob Walker of Walker Technical.  

The organ is fitted with a full complement of playing aids, couplers, midi, and 208 memory channels. Each manual has eight thumb pistons, the Pedal has eight toe pistons, and there are twelve general thumb and toe pistons that control the entire organ. Except for two borrows from the Swell division into the Pedal, and the sharing of the Tuba with the Great and Choir divisions, the entire organ is independent. 

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In October 2016 the parish acquired an early 1980s Concert 8 Upright piano by C. Bechstein. Among the venerable German manufacturers, this fine example of Bechstein's work both accompanies congregational song and is well suited for concerts sponsored by St. Cecilia Guild. The piano was donated with a leading gift from Thomas Crowley and Minnie Shorter. 


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Built by Gerald Kaplan from a Hubbard kit in 1999, our French double manual harpsichord is the newest instrument in St. Peter's collection. The instrument is disposed with two 8' ranks, one with a lute stop, and one 4' rank. A 'shove' coupler enables for the manuals to be played together. The harpsichord transposes enabling it to play at Baroque pitch (A=415) or Modern pitch (A=440). Memorialized to members of the Alushin, Kaplan, and Sirvetz families, the instrument was generously given by Michael & Barbara Alushin and builder, Gerald Kaplan.