Volunteering at St. Peter’s Art Show

Art Show volunteers operate every aspect of this event, from the arrival of the artists first thing in the morning, to the dismantling of the show at 3:00.

Volunteers commit to shifts that are generally 2 hours long, and the assignments can be indoors or outdoors. Some tasks are more active, such as traffic control, or replenishing water stations.  Some tasks, such as the Information Booth, don’t require a lot of moving around.

Beginning Saturday June 3rd, someone from the Art Show committee will have volunteer sign-up sheets available after each worship service (Saturday 5:00, Sunday 8:00am and 10:00am).


Volunteer tasks can include:

       Provide traffic control

       Help artists unpack and get set up in the morning (or help them break down their displays at the end of the day). 

       Wheel breakfast carts around, offer hot coffee, juice, and a light breakfast snack to the artists.

       Offer respite to the artists, in case they need to briefly step away from their booth.  

       Replenish water and ice at the water stations, as well as offer reusable, filled water bottles.

       Provide information, answer questions, provide Art Show programs, give directions, at one of the 3 information booths.

       Work with the Silent Auction: gather items from the artists at the beginning of the day, provide support in the Parish Hall, or contact winners at the end of the event.

What goes up must come down.

Volunteers are needed at the end of the show to provide traffic control, take down tables, booth numbers, gather up chairs, and also assist artists as they pack up and get ready to leave.

If you miss the in person sign-ups after church services, or for questions, call or email

Anne Canan, Art Show Volunteer Coordinator

Art Show Volunteer Job Descriptions

Set up Friday

Set up Saturday

Street Captain – offer assistance to artists, answer questions about parking, etc.

Traffic Control – be present at street corners to assure proper flow of traffic

Parking/Morning – greet artists, give directions, etc.

Floater/Troubleshooter – be present to assist Street Captains with any issues

Vendor Registration – give info packets to artists; make note of any no-shows

Silent Auction – various jobs including:  retrieve donations from artists; log in artwork on

arrival; floor security; alphabetize bid sheets at end; make phone calls to winners;  doorkeeper when auction closes; runners to retrieve items for winners

Info Booths – hand out programs; answer questions

Water & Snack Tables – monitor supplies and ice levels; accept donations

Water & Ice Distribution – distribute water bottles, water refills, ice distribution to stations

Vendor Support & Relief – offer 15 minutes relief time to each artist on assigned street

Face Painting – monitor lines as customers wait; assist painters with supply   replenishment

Breakdown – includes collect signs & numbers from booths, assist artists to pack out

Traffic Control Close of Show – be present at street corners to assure proper flow of traffic.  Cars admitted once booths are packed up.

PM Floaters/Troubleshooters – be present to assist Traffic Control with any issues

Tent & Silent Auction Dismantle