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Saint Peter's Church is an active, caring and open Christian community committed to our Lord Jesus Christ and the proclamation of the Gospel to the surrounding community and the world.  As a faithful and Christ-centered community, there is a wealth of opportunities offered for ministry, worship, fellowship and outreach. It is for the use of members, friends and visitors who desire to become actively involved in the life of  Saint Peter's Parish.

It is our express hope and prayer that this list will assist you in discerning what your role could be in this church as you live out your faith in the lively and gracious presence of God.  

Please feel free to contact the church office for more information 302-645-8479 or contact us through our EMAIL


"Jesus said therefore, ‘What is the kingdom of God like?

And to what shall I compare it? It is like a grain of mustard seed

which a man took and sowed in his garden;

and it grew and became a tree,

and the birds of the air made nests in its branches.’”

                                                                                            —Luke 13:18-19

St. Peter’s continues to be a dynamic and growing community of faith providing a sanctuary in the heart of Lewes, open and welcoming to all. So far in 2016 we already have 24 new households worshiping with us. Our church can be likened to the trees in the parable of the mustard seed, providing a place for birds, our ministries, to grow. Birds supported in our trees include, among others, pastoral services, outreach, worship, music, Christian formation and parish life. Our ministries provide wonderful and needed services to parishioners, those seeking to learn about the Lord, and those in need throughout the Cape region. All of the property, administration and ministries done by St. Peter’s of course require financial and volunteer support. Please take some time to consider what St. Peter’s means to you personally and the greater community. Then determine what you can do to support the church.

Pledging.  Pledging is the primary way to financially support St. Peter’s. A Pledge is your estimate of what you expect to give to the church during the next year. It isn’t a binding commitment and can be modified at any time. It can be given weekly, monthly, or annually. Your pledge goes to support all aspects of the church. By pledging, you’re providing the Vestry with the information it needs to generate a realistic budget and to plan for next year’s activities.

Join us on November 6, as we give offer gifts to God and join in "Growing St. Peter's in 2017." 

Pot Luck Luncheon and Annual Meeting.  As in previous years, we will have a Pot Luck lunch after the 10 a.m. worship service on November 6.  Please bring a covered dish to share.  The Annual Meeting will follow at noon.  Both will take place in the Parish Hall.

For additional information or if you have any questions, please contact the office.



Historic Lewes, Delaware

St. Peter's Pilottown Road Cemetery is located near the end of Pilottown Road across from the DeVries Monument. It represents one of the earliest official burial grounds in the State of Delaware subsequent to the massacre of the first Dutch Colony at that site in 1631. Saint Peter's Episcopal Church established the present cemetery in 1950. It is open to Members of St. Peter's Parish and Non-Members as well, and is operated by The Pilottown Cemetery and under the direct authority and control of the St. Peter's Vestry.

For Policy and Operating Procedures, click here.
At right is a list of old Grave Stones from this site which were mounted in the cemetery wall. If you are standing inside the cemetery, facing Pilottown Road the stones are listed from left to right.


#1    In memory of Sarah Art, the wife of Bailey Art who departed this life October 1, 1797, aged 26 years.

#2    In memory of Jacob Art, who departed this life September 13, 1769, aged 48.

#3    J. P.
#4    Benjamin Naws
#5    --
#6    --
#7    Here lies the body of Hannah Jacobs, born May 11, 1734, departed this life, December 18, 1767.

#8    In memory of John Jacobs who dyed ye 19th March, 1741 aged 45 years.
#9    In memory of Albertus Jacobs, who died April 28, 1745, aged 53 years.

#10  In memory of Hannah Bailey who died January 16th, 1732 aged 72 years.

financial committee

The Financial Advisory committee (FAC) is directly responsible to the Vestry and will provide financial advice and information pertaining to the investment and management of all church funds. 

Information and advice will be provided to the Vestry to:
        (1) purchase and sell securities and other investments
        (2) facilitate budget formulation and execution and
        (3) conduct special analytical financial related studies and reports as may be requested or deemed appropriate. 

Members are nominated by the Rector and confirmed by the Vestry.  The Rector, Treasurer and Parish Administrator are all ex-officio, non-voting members.  Meetings are held every other month and reports made to the Vestry quarterly.

wescoat scholarship

The will of the late Louise Wescoat L’Hommedieu of Lewes created an endowment to provide scholarships to worthy and needy graduates of the Cape Henlopen School District.  It also provides for a committee to administer the funds that is constituted by the Rector of Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church, the Mayor of Lewes and the Superintendent of CHSD, the Rector serving as chair.  Interest from this fund has benefited college bound students for over 35 years. 

Those who can benefit are individuals who plan to attend accredited colleges or universities in the United States.  To date, it has been possible for the committee to provide 178 scholarships, each in the amount of at least $200.  The number and amount of the scholarships provided each year are dependent upon the cash balance in the fund.  Contributions to the fund are always welcome.  Applications are available in the Church Office and online for those interested in applying.

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garden and grounds


The garden committee, called St. Peter's Gardeners, has two main areas of endeavor in Saint Peter's Square, that being the terrace next to the Parish Hall, and the churchyard around the Church and Labyrinth.  The vision for the Churchyard is to have a long term, sustainable planning and management master plan that can be used by succeeding generations to guide consistent, sensible and appropriate tree, shrub and perennial choices.  Opportunities for memorial gifts and dedications (plantings or furniture) are available, and fit into the overall plan.  

The enthusiastic members of St. Peter's Gardeners are always looking for new members.  We aim to support the garden and grounds as much as possible with our labor and a very successful annual plant sale on the Sunday after Mother's Day, each Spring.  The benefits of a green churchyard are many.  What was once a hot, dry space has become a shadier and greener place of respite, encouraging more wildlife.  Shrubs are being planted which shelter and feed birds and insects, moving towards a more integrated and self-sustaining churchyard ecosystem.  The use of adapted local flora helps minimize the upkeep necessary. 

It is our hope that a thoughtful, long-term approach to the Churchyard will benefit the congregation as well as our many visitors alike for generations to come.  We are trying to give horticultural presence to the spiritual promise: "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy-laden and I will refresh you."

stephen ministry

Stephen Ministry is a caring presence of Christ at St. Peter's   


Stephen Ministry is the one-to-one lay caring ministry that takes place in congregations that use the Stephen Series system. Stephen Ministers are the "After People."  They are ready to come alongside you--or your friends, neighbors, coworkers or relatives--and provide comfort and support for as long after as needed.

Saint Peter's first Stephen Ministry was created when our Stephen Leaders were trained in August 2013, a week-long intensive training in Pittsburgh PA. They were commissioned on September 15th at our Sunday service. In addition to our six newly commissioned leaders, we also have two previously-trained leaders in our parish who are part of our new ministry. 


Could Stephen Ministry be Right for You 

Be part of our dedicated team of Stephen Ministers who are involved with helping others along the path of uncertainty.
The work is gratifying and enriching with a strong bond of trust and friendship developing as you journey through the training. 

We would like to especially invite gentlemen to give serious consideration due to our need to have male Stephen Ministers to work with male care receivers.


How do I know if I should request a Stephen Minister?
If you’re facing a challenge you find difficult to manage on your own, or if you find yourself wearing out your friends and family with your problems, a Stephen Minister might be right for you. Stephen Ministers are specially equipped to walk with you through problems large and small.  

Caregivers tell their stories: click here



Contact:     Elinor Boyce (Training coordinator)     240-463-5517
                     Stephen Shirk                                         302-549-1516                   

                                or eMail stephen@stpeterslewes.org

Click to Download Application or Submit Online Form     

      "Stephen Ministers Speak" - Click to read what our Stephen Ministers say their ministry means to them.

Visit national website:  StephenMinistries.org

 "Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ."

                                                                                                                             - Galatians 6:2


St. Peter's is fortunate to now have three labyrinths that are used by the church and the community.  Labyrinths are winding paths that are walked for prayer or meditation, to find comfort and peace. The newest labyrinth, completed in the spring of 2011, is a beautiful brick and stone path in the peaceful setting of Pilottown Cemetery. The portable canvas labyrinth, painted in 1995, is used in the parish hall or can be transported to other venues for special presentations or events and was the first church labyrinth in Delaware. The popular grass and stone labyrinth in St. Peter's Square adjacent to the parish hall was completed in 2001 and is walked by visitors daily.

During the year guided walks and presentations are offered for special events, workshops and retreats.Some of this year's special events include illumination of the outdoor labyrinth for the holidays; a presentation and walk for staff and residents at Cadbury Continuing Care Facility; a Lenten walk for Wesley United Methodist Church in Dover; and a Lenten walk and prayer bead workshop in the parish hall. Anyone interested in participating in this

Rev. Mark Harris blessed the marriage of Mary Van House to Bill Shearer on the labyrinth in November 2013.

st. peter's Green Team


Our Mission:  The goal of our Green Team to be the best stewards possible

      of God’s Creation….“this fragile Earth, our island home.”  (BCP p. 370)  

      Who We Are & What We Do

It all began in September 2008 when Fr. Jeffrey Ross, Rector at St. Peter’s, invited members of his parish to meet and determine if there was enough interest to form an Environmental Committee. While our common bond was “the environment,” most of us had something specific that was of particular interest to each of us and we proceeded to make a “wish list” of things we’d like to see happen at St. Peter’s or in our homes and communities.  One of those wishes had to do with the award-winning documentary film, FLOW (For Love of Water) which focuses on what experts label the most important political and environmental issue of the 21st century – the world’s water. We shared this film with members of St. Peter’s and our community.  More 


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