Longest Night

Each year around December 21st the Earth's northern pole reaches its maximum tilt away from the Sun creating the shortest day and the longest night in the Northern Hemisphere. At the same time many folks who are going through trying times of loss and grief often feel disconnected from the spirit of the holidays. Feeling out of sync with the seasonal holidays such as Christmas and New Year's compounds these feelings of isolation and sadness. Perhaps it is the first Christmas since the loss of a loved one, or the anniversary of their passing. Maybe a long term relationship has failed, or a job has been lost. In the midst of all the holiday frenzy some feel left out as they endure the long night for their soul. In 2019 St. Peter's church offered a prayerful space to join together with others in similar situations in prayer and music. During this service all were given a chance to lay their burden before God as they gathered together to pray and sing. All were reminded of the loving kindness of God who never gives up on us as we offered up our pain, sadness, and loneliness and sought consolation and comfort.

Below is a recording of that service.