Iona Service

Dear friends,

We are all continuing to move through this time of Covid-19 as best we can by caring for one another.  I wanted to update you on two things.

First, you may recall that we restarted the Iona service back in July.  Unfortunately, there has not been much attendance at this service aside from the musicians and clergy.  Please know that we remain committed to this service, however we are going to put in onto temporary hiatus until September 19 and the resumption of full Christian Formation programming.  Hopefully, as we return to the program years, more of our young families will return.

Second, as you may know, during Covid-19, our nursery worker Nancy moved away and left her position.  We have not yet hired a successor, but we hope to do so after the pandemic abates.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Finally, I want to ask your help for a project I am working on for our parish.  These last 18 months have been quite a ride, which has been largely unpredictable.  Understandably, there is a natural desire for things to go back to the way they were.  To be sure, this is not happening as quickly as many of us would like.  Yet, I also believe we did not come through this time to gain nothing.  In the fourth chapter of the book Joshua, the Israelites erect twelve stones to mark their journey out of Egypt and into the promise land.  It was a way not only to memorialize what they had been through but also, hopefully, to remember the lessons learned through the experience.  In a similar way, I would like to ask you to help me remember and mark this time of pandemic:  not by placing twelve stones somewhere on the property, but rather in prayerfully considering these questions and sharing your response with me.  My hope is to use them to put together a booklet to include all of our reflections.  Here are the questions:

1)      What was the biggest lesson you learned from this time or pandemic?

2)     Where was God most present for you?

3)     What are you most thankful for?

4)     What will you hold onto?

5)     What do you wish you had done differently?

Feel free to answer any or all of these questions in couple of sentences and email your responses to me by September 30th.

Please keep me in your prayers and know that you are daily in mine.



Upcoming Events   


Join us in Celebrating our return to St. Peter’s Square by attending our Annual Picnic. This is a great chance to see everyone we have missed so much. Lawn games and a dunking booth are just some of the fun that awaits you. Bring your favorite side dish or dessert to share. We are looking forward to sharing this experience and seeing everyone.

Where: St. Peter’s Square

When: September 12th 11:00am


Invite- Welcome- Connect is a Diocesan sponsored ministry of transformation that “equips and empowers congregations and individuals to cultivate intentional practices of evangelism, hospitality, and connectedness rooted in the gospel directive to “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). The creator of the program, Mary Foster Parmer, says “the vision of Invite, Welcome, Connect is to change the culture of the Episcopal Church to move from maintenance to mission.”

Our small committee at St. Peter’s needs members to help grow this important ministry. We were side-lined during the Pandemic, but now that we are back to in-person worship we have made some beginning steps, starting with usher and greeter guides. We will be working on ways to invite, welcome and ultimately connect newcomers as we go forward.

If you are interested in joining this ministry, or have questions, please contact on of the following people:

John Mears (

Carol Blye (

Suzanne Crager (

UPDATE JULY 28, 2021

Dear friends,

We have all watched the continued spread of the delta variant throughout the world and in our own nation. This threat has been increasing for all of us, particularly the unvaccinated and the immunocompromised. Our location in the midst of resorts and vacationers from out-of-state makes us particularly vulnerable. Yesterday, the CDC issued new guidelines about gathering of large crowds inside buildings. Given all of this, beginning this weekend, we will return to mask wearing for ALL worshippers and at all services, regardless of vaccination status. I know that some will be disappointed by this decision and others will be reassured. Please know that the Vestry and I will continue to monitor the situation closely and follow the best advice available from science and medicine. Please continue to pray for all those who are infected and those who put themselves at risk to help care for the sick. I know it has been hard on all of us, but I know we will continue to do our best to support and love each other through these daunting times.



foyer groups

Foyer Groups are starting up again! The St. Peter’s Foyer (Dinner) Groups are forming and we have a lot of fun getting to know each other over the year. Each group meets once a month or so for a meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) in groups of 6-12 people. The Parish Life Committee will set up groups based on the preferences for everyone who signs up. It’s a wonderful time to meet fellow parishioners and make new friends. Meet in a home, restaurant, on the beach. You choose. 

We have a new category this year: Spiritual Foyer Groups! Interested parishioners may request assignment to a foyer group with an intentional focus on spiritual engagement. As with all foyer groups, the members themselves will settle on organizing details, but those in a “spiritual foyer group” are likely to begin their time together in prayer, to read the Gospel, to talk about what is happening with the Spirit in their lives, to extend grace to one another, and of course to share a meal. The intent is to promote spiritual connection with others in ways reminiscent of early Christianity. St. Peter’s will provide some materials to assist in organizing the groups.

If you are interested in joining a Foyer Group, contact the office at 302-645-8479.

Status as of AUGUST 19, 2021





Masks at Worship


Limited Capacity


Chalice at Communion


Outside Groups


Unlocked Church


Coffee Hour


Hand Sanitizer at all entry ways


In Person Worship


Healing Prayer


Masks in Office/ Small Groups

Optional for Vaccinated



Masks at Christian Formation


St. Peter's is offering two online Bible study

classes each week.

Thursday morning at 9:30 am Fr. Jeff is leading a study of the Book of Acts. This study follows the hybrid model: in-person for those who are comfortable gathering together (mask wearing is required), or via Zoom for those who either need or want to join from home. This group has lively and informative discussions about the text they are studying together. There is always room for more participants if you are interested.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study meets from 7 to 8:30 pm every Wednesday via Zoom.

Beginning January 6th we will be reading 1st and 2nd Samuel.

This history of Samuel, Saul and David is rich in stories that we all know well, as well as stories of heroines and heroes who don’t get as much press as we might hope for - Hannah and Bathsheba, Nathan and Absalom - and much about the Ark, Philistines, battles, betrayals, songs of triumph and sorrow.... lots to chew on!

Come and join in the discussions. Contact the office for the Zoom links. 

Wednesday Spirituality Group

A group is meeting via Zoom on Wednesdays from 1:30 to 2:30 pm, with the Rev. Carlyle Gill as moderator, to consider readings that may lead to greater wisdom and understanding.  We are currently reading “The Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav, which can be obtained from Browseabout Books as well as from Amazon.  All are welcome to join us for open and thoughtful discussion; reading is not necessary for participation in the group. 

Please contact the office if you would like to know how to participate.

St. Peter's Readers

St Peter’s Readers has been meeting using the Zoom platform on the third Sunday of the month at 5 p.m. We have decided to move to in person meetings in September we will meet in the conference room in the lower level of the church - and will adhere to all the Covid protocols that are still in place at that time. We hope to continue with Zoom for members who cannot attend in person.

We will meet via Zoom in July and August.

We have made decisions about upcoming selections:

  •     September 19 (fiction) The Story Teller’s Secret by Sejal Badani
  •     October (classic) David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

For information on how to join this group, please contact the office.

Now you can wear a replica of our new Steeple Cross!

Local jeweler Albert Frank has designed silver and gold versions of the new Steering Cross from the steeple of St. Peter's. These are custom made to order and about 1.5 inches in height. If you would like one for your very own, please give him a call at 302-645-1718. Gold is market rate, silver is about $150.