Summer Spirituality Events

Join us each Thursday evening at 7 pm for this perennially popular series. Each week offers a different presentation. Most weeks there will also be time set aside for a question and answer period. The evening will end with ice cream from King’s Ice Cream.

See below for the full slate of programs.


  • May 30 - Ascension Day Choral Eucharist

    Several Cape region Episcopal churches are joining forces to celebrate the Feast of the Ascension. This feast marks the occasion on which the risen Christ is taken into heaven after appearing to his followers for forty days (Acts 1:1-11). The Ascension marks the conclusion of Jesus' post-resurrection appearances. It is the final elevation of his human nature to divine glory and the near presence of God. The Ascension is affirmed by the Nicene and Apostles' Creeds. The Ascension is celebrated on the Thursday that is the fortieth day of the Easter season. It is a principal feast of the church year in the Episcopal Church. 

  • June 6 - Values - Centered Parenting

    Dr. Ted Wilson

    Value-Centered Parenting

    In a world where we are desperately trying to fulfill our obligations at work and at home; parenting often feels like something we do in response to acute situations and maladaptive behaviors, as they present.  Many parents feel that they are perpetually in a reactive mode and feel desperately overwhelmed by the demands of their toddlers, children, or teens.  Most parents grope through child rearing attempting to utilize parenting techniques modeled for them by their parents, or conversely choosing approaches in avoidance of how they were raised.  A model of parenting which allows the parent to become proactive creates a level of confidence and security that eases the stress associated with arguably the single most important job we have.

    The goal of this talk is to advocate for an approach to parenting, grand parenting, and care-giving that is steeped in common sense, supported by cognitive behavioral and choice theories and congruent with accepted child developmental understandings.  It offers an opportunity to learn new ideas, reinforce traditional approaches and introduce perspectives that should promote a deeper understanding of how to facilitate your child’s journey through their development into a self-reliant, independent, happy, and well adjusted adulthood. This presentation will attempt to be interactive and engaging for those in attendance.   

    Dr. Wilson is a licensed psychologist who has practiced in Delaware since 1984. His practice focuses on the treatment of children, adolescents, and adults with mood, anxiety, and behavioral disorders. He has been qualified as an expert witness in both the Family and Superior courts in Delaware, and he has consulted with medical practices, businesses, religious institutions, schools, and school districts throughout Delaware, North Carolina, Florida, and Alabama.

    Dr. Wilson has been married for over 40 years to his wife, Juanita, and resides in Dewey Beach, Delaware. He has two sons and two grandchildren. Golf, reading on the beach, long walks, and travel occupy time away from the office.   

  • June 13 - WHo Is Leading Now?

    Dr. Sheila Bravo

    Many faith communities are experiencing turnover of long-tenured volunteer leaders.  However, who is in the wings to pick up the ministry or outreach is often in question.  In this series, understand challenges and opportunities for engaging lay leadership in your faith community.  Gain insights on:

    • What inspires others to volunteer, lead
    • What faith communities do to empower volunteers while retaining control
    • Practices that have resulted in church growth
    • How the new generation engages and gives

    Dr. Sheila Bravo is President & CEO of DANA, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement and a lay ministry leader for over 30 years.  Her experience in creating new ministries spans both the Roman Catholic and Episcopal faith traditions.  Her current profession helps nonprofits and faith communities in their lay leadership recruitment and growth.

  • June 20 - Small WOnders Jazz COncert

    Small Wonder Jazz Ensemble

    With a repertoire ranging from Duke Ellington to Pentatonix, this vocal music group from the Music School of Delaware will appeal to music lovers of all ages.

  • June 27 - The ShaPE of Prayer: Finding Your Fit

    Christina Lee

    Defining Prayer - Corporate vs. Personal; Prayer Language

    How and why do you pray?

    What prayer style fits you?

    Christina Brennan Lee has an MA in Religious Studies from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia. She has been writing the Prayers of the People for The Episcopal Church of Saints. Andrew and Matthew in Wilmington for nearly 6 years and publishes the prayers and a short commentary each week at her blog, Prayers of the people.

  • July Fourth - No Program

    Enjoy the holiday!

  • July 11th - The Ordination of Chris Miller-Marcin to the VOcational Diaconate

    Our own Chris Miller-Marcin will be ordained to the Vocational Diaconate by The Rt. Rev. Kevin S. Brown, Bishop of the Diocese of Delaware on July 11th. This has been a long journey for Chris and for us, and we are really excited to be able to celebrate her ordination here at St. Peter’s!


  • July 18th - Living Obituary

    The Rev. Paul Mast

    Mark Twain will return from the Beyond to comment on the 4,000-word obit he earned in the New York Times the day after his death on April 21, 1910.  He will make a case for a Living Obituary – encouraging the living to have the words in their lives. 

    Rev. Paul Mast is a Roman Catholic priest, author and thespian.  He has been ordained for the Diocese of Wilmington for 47 years.  Retired since 2015, he is completing a book in which he promotes the idea of a Living Obituary, inspiring the living to write their obit as a short story of their life.  It is framed around the question: knowing you will die, how will you live?

  • July 25 - The SPiritual Life and Cancer

    The Rev. J. Carlyle Gill

    AND is the operative word in this Summer Spirituality offering.  Too often we separate our spirituality - our experience of the presence of God - from the hard realities of our lives. Receiving a cancer diagnosis and living with cancer often upend our notions of who God is - most especially who God should be in our lives.  This Summer Spirituality evening will look at the important and life giving ways our relationship with God can deepen in these challenging times. If you have cancer or live with someone who has cancer or know someone who has cancer, this evening holds promise for you.

    Carlyle Gill lives with two blood cancers and survived breast cancer twenty-six years ago.  Dealing with breast cancer profoundly changed her spiritual life. She lives a vibrant and joyful life on Lewes Beach and serves as an Associate Priest at St. Peter’s, Lewes.  

  • August 1 - The LIturgy of the Hours

    Ted Olson

    To everything there is a season. Even the day has “seasons”: morning, midday, evening and night. The Church calls these seasons “hours.” In each of these graced moments, the Church invites us to respond to the presence of God. In a series of brief liturgies placed throughout the day, we pause, ponder, pray and then proceed through our day as disciples of Jesus.

    Come and learn how you might sanctify the day with these pauses that refresh, refocus, and renew us in our Christian lives.

    Ted Olson is a native Delawarean who has lived the past 15 years in Pennsylvania, where he has worked as a licensed professional counselor. Ordained as a Roman Catholic priest, Ted has been received into the Episcopal Church and has been active with his spouse, Jack Anderson, at their parish in PA. This summer he and Jack moved to Millsboro and have become full time parishioners at St. Peter’s. Ted hopes to continue his ministry here in whatever ways God has in mind.

  • August 8 - Helping the Good Do Better

    Thomas F. Sheridan

    He will talk about his book, Helping the Good Do Better, which pulls back the curtain on the corridors of power in Washington to reveal how social change really happens.

    Tom Sheridan is the nation's foremost advocate for public interest causes and social impact. His career spans more than 30 years and has touched nearly all of the transformative social issues of our time.

    You can read more about his book here

  • August 15 - Living as a Servant

    The Rev. Deacon Chris Miller-Marcin

    "Living as a Servant," will explore and expand upon the many ways and means that we do God's work in the moments of our life every day.

    The Reverend Deacon Chris Miller-Marcin is the Children's Christian Formation Coordinator of St. Peter's Church in Lewes, Delaware.

  • August 22 - Estrangement in the Bible and in Families

    The Rev. Jeffrey A. Ross, Rector

  • August 29 - Finding God

    Rabbi Beth Cohen

    Finding God

    An exploration of how, when, where and why do we find God and who or what is God.

    Rabbi Beth is the Rabbi Emeritus of the Seaside Jewish Community in Rehoboth Beach where she served for more than 12 years as the congregation's first Religious Leader. She retired in July 2018. Rabbi Beth recently started a new journey with St Peters Episcopal Church as Rabbi in Residence.