Adult education

Saint Peter's offers a wide variety of opportunities for deepening your faith and spiritual exploration

To be a Christian is to walk a grace filled journey of living out and into our baptism. Baptism initiates us into a lifelong venture of knowing, loving and living Jesus Christ. The faith community at St. Peter’s walks together toward all that Christ calls us to be. We pray, socialize and serve with one another.  Each of these activities is an essential component of our life in Christ along with the ongoing formation of mind and heart. For that purpose, we offer a variety of opportunities at St. Peter’s. Jeff, Mark, Carlyle, Ray, Ted and other members of the congregation have offered programs on a wide variety of topics including Christian Spirituality, prayer practices, individual books of the Bible, etc. Please consider joining any or all of the offerings.  There are other ongoing and special events to nourish our minds, hearts and souls.  Please check the bulletin for these opportunities.

To find out more, feel free to call the office or speak to any one of the clergy.

If there are any topics or programs which you would like to suggest for future events, please send Fr. Ted an email at


  • sunday adult forum

    The Sunday Adult Forum will follow the 10:00AM Service and will be held in the church.  Please consider staying for about an hour and exploring topics which we hope you will find to be interesting and helpful to your life in Christ.  The weekly topics will be published in the parish bulletin so that you may plan accordingly.

    For more information email  Fr. Ted at

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    Becoming Beloved Community

    How to be an active listener in Candid Conversations

    Identity Molecule Graphic Organizer

  • Men's Spiritualtiy

    A Spiritual and Personal Growth Discussion Group for Men.  

    The group meets  the second and fourth Monday of each month.
    As a starting point for discussion, we’ll consider ideas from Chapters Four and Five of Brian McLaren’s book, “The Great Spiritual Migration – How the World’s Largest Religion is Seeking a Better Way to Be Christian.” The book is available from Amazon in paperback, Kindle, and Audiobook formats, although reading is not necessary for participation in the group.   

  • CENTERING PRAYER               

    The Centering Prayer Group meets every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. in the Conference Room. We learn the discipline of centering prayer and read Robin Wall Kimmerer "Braiding Sweetgrass."  Previous experience is not necessary—only the desire to experience the presence of God in our lives.


    Our weekly Bible Study group meets every Thursday morning 9:30 in the Conference room. To find out more, please feel free to speak to any one of the clergy or call the church office.

  • Saint peter's readers

    The group meets the third Sunday of the month 4 to 5pm on Zoom and at 5 to 6 pm in the conference room. For more information call the church office. 

  • Adult education

    Classes are forming in October.

education for ministry

Tuesday at 5pm, September thru May.

Thoughtful people are asking….What is EfM and why should I consider joining?

Short answer: EfM is the acronym for Education for Ministry, a distance learning program of the Episcopal Seminary in Sewanee, TN. 

It is a four year program of study, group reflection/discussion, worship, Christian community and spiritual friendship. More details available at

Why should I consider joining? Have you ever read a book that really engaged you and made you think? Or, watched a movie or heard a talk show or had a conversation that seemed to challenge your view of life or your faith? Have you ever opened the Holy Bible but found it too difficult to understand how it could relate to questions raised by life’s big and little questions? Do the current political issues within the church frustrate you and cause you to wonder if the church has ever before gone through such turmoil? Did you come to the Episcopal church from another Christian denomination or another faith and wonder what the Episcopal church “thinks” about this or that? Do you sometimes think that you are the only one who struggles to understand your faith? Do you love the thoughtful sermons preached every Sunday at St. Peter’s but wish the conversation could continue? If you find yourself answering yes to any of these questions you might be a good candidate for EfM.  More

EfM is one of the best educational bargains around. Contact Jacqueline Ferris and Ray Michener.