A Silent Vigil

In support of the migrant children, women, and men held in harsh detention and inhumane conditions.

A message from The Rev. Canon Mark Harris:

This is a non-partisan vigil focused on the suffering of those incarcerated and detained, and in support of and demand for their relief and release. In silence we stand to express our support and demand for immediate relief for the children, women, and men being held in inhumane conditions. We stand in silence, appalled by the inhumane treatment of those detained.  Treatment which is both a failure to provide adequate care and a sign of our moral failure as a country. We stand, with lights in hand, to signal that we stand with those detained, and as a sign of that light of justice and mercy which must prevail. In this vigil we are silent. It is a silence for this moment. But from the energy of this silence we commit ourselves to demand relief for those detained and incarcerated and release for the thousands held without hearing, without having been accused of crimes, without having legal representation.

This vigil is a silent pledge to action and a silent witness to the call for relief and release.

The Rev. Canon Mark Harris' Sermon