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General Information

• Date: Saturday, July 1, 2017 - rain or shine

• Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

• Check in, set up and break-down instructions will accompany the booth assignment letter mailed to you in May.

• Direct questions to Tina Wical or Karen M. Fischer, entry chairwomen, at artshow@stpeterslewes.org or (302)645.8479, ext. 206.

• Parking: Public parking lots adjacent to the town wharf on Front St. and on Third St. and on surrounding side streets, if available.

• No late arrivals or early departures are permitted. Early pack-up or departure will impact future participation.

• The St. Peter’s Art Show is a smoke-free event.

• Booth sitting, complementary continental breakfast, and exhibitor restroom are available.

• As a courtesy to fellow artists and to the show, please notify us immediately by leaving a message at (302 )645.8479, ext. 206 if you cannot participate in the show.

• If an emergency arises during the event and you must leave, notify Tina Wical or Karen M. Fischer before you dismantle your booth.

Applications, Fees, Deadlines, and Jury Process

• Application Deadline: March 15, 2017 (postmarked by).

• A non-refundable booth fee of $150 is due with application; make check payable to St. Peter’s Art Show. Applicants who are not accepted will have their checks returned or shredded, according to the wishes of the applicant.

• Two-dimensional artists who are new in 2017 must submit to artshow@stpeterslewes.org three (3) digital images of their work that follow the standards noted below for acceptance to the art show for 2017.

• Juried media in 2017 are all fine craft media and photography. All new 2017 fine craft media and photography must be juried and the standards noted below must be followed. If you were a juried new exhibitor in 2016, you must again submit three digital images to be juried for your second year in the show. (Once you have been juried in the show for two consecutive years in your medium, you do not need to be juried in your third year). Entrants are encouraged to include descriptions of their work for the 3 digital images. Please review the enclosed Art Show Jury Process/Sample Submission Requirements document.

• Fine craft artisans and photographers will be selected for any remaining spaces in their medium via a peer jury after the March 15th deadline, according to the following criteria: quality/craftsmanship, originality, and availability of spaces for their particular medium. Letters of acceptance/non-acceptance will be emailed to all juried applicants in April.

• Applicants who wish to show more than one juried medium must submit an application for each. The $150 booth fee is held until the jury process is complete. If an entrant is accepted in one medium but not the other medium, only the accepted juried medium is allowed in the show.

• Exhibitors who have been in past shows who significantly change their “art medium” must submit 3 digital images of their work for acceptance to exhibit in a new medium and/or to satisfy the jury process, if applicable.

Standards of Artist’s Work

• All work must be original, designed and made by the applicant or under the applicant's direct supervision.

• Copyrighted designs not owned by the artist are not permitted.

• We do not accept work made from commercial molds, kits, or patterns, or other commercial methods. Neither do we accept factory-made items, with the exception of those embellished by original art or craft-work of the applicant. Items embellished primarily with store-bought materials that do not include predominant original work are not permitted.

• Clothing is permitted; however, it must be of original design and construction, showing significant artistic merit.

• Originals must be signed. Limited editions must be appropriately numbered or identified as artist's proofs. Unlimited editions must be clearly identified.

Up to 140 applicants will be admitted on a rolling, first-come, first-served basis with the exception of the juried medium. In order to maintain our desired ratio, the committee reserves the right to deny access to later-arriving, qualified exhibitors whose media are already sufficiently represented. Should you wish to discuss whether or not it’s appropriate for you to apply, contact Karen M. Fischer, entry chairwoman, at artshow@stpeterslewes.org or (302)645.8479, x206.

Booth information

• Specifications: Exhibit must fit within 10’ by 10’ on sidewalk or street location designated by the committee (exhibition spaces are located on the four streets surrounding St. Peter’s Square and in the adjacent M&T Bank parking lot). Booth spaces accommodate free-standing 10’x10’ canopies (provided by exhibitor, if desired). Booth spaces will extend to 11’ wide to allow for “breathing room” between exhibitors. This extra space must remain free and clear, with exhibitor’s property remaining within his/her space and not impeding the booth spaces of other exhibitors or patrons.

• The exhibitor is responsible for setting up and removing the exhibit and assumes full responsibility for his/her goods and personal injury. Please consider your ability to handle extreme weather conditions in regards to setting up and dismantling your booth space, all of which can be very exhausting. Volunteer help is available on a very limited basis.

• No electricity is available and generators are prohibited.

• While we make every effort to honor specific booth requests, we cannot guarantee particular spaces.



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