Rector'S corner

January 2018

Dear People of Saint Peter’s,

Happy New Year!  New Year’s is typically a time when many make resolutions for things they wish to change or do differently in the New Year.  It is a good time to reflect on our life and where we wish to make changes.  I’d like to invite you to consider making a small change in 2018 that could make a real difference. 

Many times during the course of the year the office receives calls like this:

  • “My mother W and I never spoke about her funeral.  Do you know what she would want for the service?”
  • “I haven’t seen X in a few days.  Her car is in the driveway, but she hasn’t been at yoga or book group.  I am worried.  She is not answering her phone.  Do you know if she is ok?”
  • “Y seems to be having some difficulties at home.  I do not think he is eating regularly.  Does his family know?”
  • “I am worried about Z since his wife died.  He is all alone and seems to have a hard time managing.  I’d like to offer to help him and his family.  Do you know how to contact them?”

This is just a small sample of how so many of you share your concerns for members in our community.  It is wonderful!  Yet, it is also a challenge.  Many of our members do not have family in the community and we have no way of knowing who to contact in case of an emergency.

Which brings me to the resolution I would like to ask you to do.  In the office, we have a booklet available called the funeral checklist.  Please stop by and pick one up.  Fill it out, so that we can know what your wishes are and also have a contact in case of an emergency and put a copy with your will and in the church office.   It would be enormously helpful for us.  So many of our members live in the region and have no family in the area.  Please start the new year fresh and help us, help you.  Such a small effort will make a major difference.

Please keep me in your prayers and know that you are daily in mine.