spirituality  series

St. Peter's Summer Spirituality Series begins after Memorial Day, held every Thursday in Parish Hall at 7:00p, and ends before Labor Day. The popular series offers guest speakers with a variety of presentations that have been very well-attended over the years. Free and open to the community. Time is provided after the presentation for questions and is followed by ice cream by Kings. 

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  • deepen intimacy in a committed relationship

    Presented June 2nd

    The Rev. Dr. Tom Ledbetter and Donna Ledbetter

    See Cape Gazette press release

  • immanuel bach consort

    Performed June 9th

    T. J. Thomas, St. Peter's Music Minister

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    Presented June 16th

    Rabbi Beth Cohen

    "Spiritual Practices - Walking Through Each Day in the Presence of the Holy"

    See Cape Gazette press release

  • the biocosmos of life

    June 23rd

    Dr. James Mullaney

    See Cape Gazette press release

  • synergistic health care

    June 30th

    Jose A. Pando, M.D.

    "Synergistic Health Care - Body, Mind & Spirit"

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  • an introduction to the healing of the soul

    July 7

    Mary Anne Latorre, R.N., M.A.

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  • labyrinth: tools

    July 14

    Mary Van House

    "Labyrinth: Tools for Transformation, Healing & Peace"

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  • reclaiming medicine's spiritual roots

    July 21st

    Uday Jani, M.D.

  • Healing From Trauma: resilience of spirit

    July 28

    Barbara Barski-Carrow

  • Bag it! the movie and discussion

    August 4th

    Trish Baines

  • god & the world of a 747 piloT

    August 11th

    The Rev. Larry Hofer

  • Biblical nature verses applied to life in the usa

    August 18th

    Dr. Aimee Wiest

  • listening to our spiritual heart

    August 25

    The Rev. Tilden Edwards

    "Listening to Our Spiritual Heart & Its Affect on Our Social-Political Vision"

  • politics & religion

    September 1st

    The Rev. Perren Hayes