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We have been dreaming.  We all love St. Peter’s and we are anxious to continue to share and welcome new folks to our community.  Saint Peter’s square is a unique place and we attract folks in many different ways.  We have been dreaming about what the future holds and what God will need our space to be for those who come after us.  The Vestry started to prayerfully discern this in a project titled “Open Door”.

At the annual congregational meeting last November, we shared with you a very rough draft of our vision and you gave us a great deal of excellent feedback.  The Vestry, Open Door Committee and staff have been working on increasing the amount of usable space at Saint Peter’s while maintaining green space.  We know we need more worship and meeting space but want to be sure to keep the special feel and ambiance of St. Peter’s square.  We have continued working with an architect about to figure out how we can best do this.

As we continue to grow, the parish hall and office space are pivotal to our future.  The Vestry decided to hire an engineer to assess the integrity of the buildings to determine their exact condition and how they can fit in or not fit into the future needs of the congregation.  We found some surprises, but also some exciting possibilities. 

We now feel ready to come back to you again and share with you what we have discovered.   

                                                                                             Sue Potts, Senior Warden

Click here to view a summary of the current plan.